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Citigold Portfolio Review

The Ask

The Citigold portfolio review is a annually meeting between the client and the relationship manager(RM), to discuss the performance of the client’s portfolio. We are asked to map an improved client and RM journey, and design the digital experience elements.

We delved deep into the dynamics between the client and the RM, We found a highly disenfranchised, disconnected customer base and an overburdened, overtaxed RM work force.

My Role

As an Art Director, my role is to provide a refresh to the perceived old-world brand, with a contemporary look, I created a style guide that can be used by multiple designers across different sub projects, in a agile working environment.

Our Approach

We make the client feel valued as a customer by making the most out of their time, which means focusing only on what really matters for them.

The Client

We empower the RMs with tools that aggregates the information, provides holistic client insights, so that they can anticipate client needs and prepare for a relevant conversation.

The RM

The Experience

An actionable, curated and holistic conversation to answer the qustion “How am I doing?”

the user journey map of the Citigold app experience



A centralized process, simple to use, allowing RMs to focus everyday on the most important tasks

the client list search screen for RM to manage their volume of clients
the client detail screen with relevant reminders for the RM
Client view

A subset of the dashboard that will allow RMs to maintain and build a holistic view of their clients by consolidating this information in one place

redesigned screen for financial portfolio overview
redesigned financial overview screen with charts and graphs
cash flow screen with financial discovery questions

A digital tool with flexible modules of content that enables RMs and clients to focus on what matters when they meet for a portfolio review, making every moment count

meeting agenda screen
account overview screen
setting and tracking of financial goals
screen of a discussion summary for take away

The Design


Peaceful, Powerful, Calmness

The Gold Conversation generates meaning and inspires action. This requires focus. A par-ing away of what is irrelevant, distracting, useless. An abilityto form and catch an unexpected insight before it gets away. And always an unrelenting focus on you. Your needs. Your goals.

photo of a peaceful lake under sunsetspectacular view of mountain tops in the cloudsman with his dog on the beachcalm sky and mountain
colour representation of Citibank's Financial products
Color palette

There are 44 colours to represent Citi’s variety of financial products.  Products with higher risk are represented with warmer colours. 


Interstate is Citi’s brand font. We altered the weight of the font to elevate the Citigold branding from the other tire of Citi’s products, while maximise the legibility for a demographically mature audience.

typography style of the brand redesign
usage of graphs to visualise complicated numbers

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